Soap Making Supplies - DIY Kits

Soap Making Supplies - DIY Kits

For all your soap making kits and more

Aussie Soap Supplies sells a range of natural soap making supplies and skin care ingredients, allowing you to create natural soaps and skin care products in the comfort of your own home. Natural soaps provide a variety of benefits for your skin and the environment. All you need is the kit, an easy-to-use tutorial and some creativity; and very soon you can be crafting your own range of soaps. Order yours right here and get started. If you want to get started but don't know where to begin, Aussie Soap Supplies is your Australian kit specialist; we sell kits that are simple to use, making it easy for anyone to make their own soaps and skin-care products. We understand that it can be a little daunting to start a new project, but our kits contain simple, easy-to-use tutorials that will show you how to make your own natural soap and skin care products. Register to order online.

Soap making kits

  • Melt and pour soapThis is a great way to start if you’re a new soap maker. We sell a range of kits and palm-free melt and pour soap making supplies, which come with easy-to-understand tutorials. Anyone can make their own soap. Order here and get started now.
  • Bath bombs, bath salts and bath milksFrom bath bomb making supplies, to bath milk kits and scented bath salts; you can create your own range of natural bath products. We offer products for all ages; make them for home, for gifts, or to start your own business.
  • Cold process soap One of the main benefits of cold process soap making is having complete control over the ingredients you use. If you want to make your own natural cold process soaps, start here; our DIY kits make it easy and fun.
  • Moisturisers & Body buttersMoisturise your skin with a range of body butters, moisturisers and lotions, all of which you can make on your own. All kits come with full, easy-to-use tutorials making DIY soap a fun and simple process.
  • Shampoo and hair conditionersMake your own shampoos and conditioners with either an easy-to-use kit or the basic raw materials. We offer several kits with a pre­made base and some with just the ingredients. You decide. All kits and packs come with simple instructions. Make your own eco-friendly natural products – It’s creative fun for the whole family as well as a great product for your craft business..
  • Spa products and scrubs DIY kits make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays and celebrations, without breaking the budget. They allow anyone to create scented bath and body products, soaps, shampoos and scrubs. Give people a DIY kit and let them discover the joys of soap making.

It’s time to create!

Browse our free recipe formulary for loads of super cool soap recipes, and start crafting your own soap products with one of our natural soap making kits. Not only will you experience the benefits, but you’ll have plenty of fun in the process. Register online today to place your order.