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Hostapon® SCI 85C
SCI is our favourite surfactant - it's just so giving!  All SCI types provide loads of lather, and this one can be used to make liquid and solid bar cleansers and shampoos. Made from sustainable coconut, SCI Chips exhibit all of the rich foam associated with an anionic but with the mildness of a non-ionic. In terms of irritation and skin compatibility, it is one of the most gentle surfactants available.  It offers an abundance of thick, rich, creamy foam leaving the skin with a soft, conditioned feel. 

Although this SCI is in chip form, it still creates a little dust during handling, so we recommend using a dust mask whilst weighing or transferring the chips. It is this ingredient that commonly makes up the bulk of commercial “soap” bars - those bars of “soap” that actually contain no soap at all, but are surfactant based (the ones wrapped in white packaging with a small bird logo).

Our SCI Chips are a breeze to dissolve in water!  After 15 years of learning and trialling surfactants I was honestly doubtful about the “ease of use” with the new chips. We tried some SCI chips about 10 years ago (from a different manufacturer) …and they were just awful!  This is not the case with our new SCI Chips, they are a dream to work with. If you are tempted to use mechanical stirring, we suggest a mini mixer for trial batches and slow speed stick blender for larger batches. Just take care when mixing to avoid bubbles and remember that time is a better tool than a stick blender!

In hot weather, shampoo made with SCI Chips may still clarify a little – with winter temperatures, the finished product will be more opaque and a little thicker – it’s the nature of SCI.  Due to an activitty of >84% we recommend trial when using SCI Chips in an emulsified foamy scrub, make trial batches and spot test.

In a nutshell:

  • Made from natural, renewable coconut oil
  • Very mild to skin and eyes
  • Exhibits excellent foam and lather, performs well in hard water
  • Imparts a soft afterfeel to skin or hair
  • Great for solid cleansing bars, thus avoiding SLS and SLeS
  • SCI creates an opaque and creamy product when used with other surfactants in winter, but in our hot summers this effect can disappear.  
  • Biodegradable

Activitiy:  84 - 88% 
pH-value (1% active substance in water, 20°C) 5.0 – 6.0
Recommended Usage Rate: 5 - 65%
SCI is not compatible with Structure XL

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Additional Information

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Hostapon® SCI 85C

INCI Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate