For Lips - Balms & Moisturising

Lip Balms and Stick formulations
Argan & Oat Winter Lip Treat
This lip treat is enriched with Argan and Oat Oil
Palm Free
Fairy Floss Lip Balm
This yummy quick and easy Lip Balm is my third inclusion in our annual...
Palm Free
Using our Nourishing Lip Balm Base (and it's Vegan!)
This Lip Balm glides on and nourishes the lips
Palm Free
Avo, Coco and Mango Moisturising Lip Balm
This natural Lip Balm only uses Cera Bellina as a hardener, with a touch...
Palm Free
Whipped Mango Lip Butter
This is a light, whipped but firm butter perfect for sun or wind chapped...
Palm Free
Cup Cake Lip Balms
We're just in love with our new Maxi Cup Cake Lip pots, they are sure to...
Palm Free
Mango and Mac Lip Balm
Not so much a formula as a recipe, because it’s in volume...
Aussie Lip Protector
This balm features Macadamia Wax, Macadamia Oil and rich butters
Palm Free
Jojoba Lip Protection Balm
Jojoba Lip Protection Balm is a soft, buttery balm
Palm Free
Lip Balm for Lip Balm Tubes
The trick to making Lip Balm for tubes is the balance of hard waxes to...
Palm Free
No Scales Intensive Care Lip Balm
No Scales Rich Intensive Care Lip Balm
Palm Free
More Yummy Lip Balm & Solid Lip Gloss Recipes
Various lip balm and gloss recipes
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Roller Ball Recipes
Recipes for Lip Glosses and Roll On Balms to be getting on with!
Palm Free
Winter Lip Balm
Winter Lip Balm - no scales
Palm Free