Liquid Soap

For your Liquid and Castile Soap Supplies

Pre-made Liquid Soap Bases Ready to Use

Aussie Soap Supplies sells a range of liquid soap bases allowing you to create your own unique liquid soaps for home, gifts or to stock your craft stall. We offer a variety of kits with liquid soaps and a range of liquid bases containing natural and organic ingredients.  These liquid bases are easy to customise to suit your preference.  It’s a creative and fun process, and if you’re in the craft soap making business, it’s also a great opportunity.  Everyone loves natural liquid soaps. You can order your bases online.

Customise your own liquid soaps

Customising your own liquid soap is fairly simple with our base products and easy to use tutorials, and you can add Essential Oils or Bramble Berry Fragrance Oils to suit your preferences and requirements. All our prepared bases have been tested to ensure they are safe and of high quality, as are our oils and additives which you add to the bases. Whatever the applications, we’ll provide the natural ingredients. Register online and place your order today.  .  Add your own fragrances to make your liquid soap to your preference.

Natural and Organic Liquid Soaps

We provide supplies, starter packs and kits with accurate instructions on how to make liquid soaps for your home or business.

Liquid Castile Soap

Our castile soaps are pure, gentle and suitable for sensitive skin We also offer several fragrances to add to your liquid soap and hair products that will suit all skin types including normal, sensitive and mature skin. Our best selling liquid soap, you can find it here

Liquid Soap Foamy Pack

This pack has 500ml of our natural liquid soap base, foaming pumps and fragrance.  Our liquid soaps are true soaps (which means they are saponified) and contain no surfactants (including NO SLS or SLeS, DPG etc.) and can be used "as is". They are pure, gentle, and suitable for sensitive skin. If you want to use it as a gift, we have foamy bottles with a special built-in pump that produces a thick foam from thin liquid soap.The foamy pack contains: 500ml Natural Liquid Soap of choice (select below); 3 x 150ml Foamy Pump Bottles; 1 x 10ml Bramble Berry Fragrance or Essential Oil (select below). Making your own liquid soap has never been easier. Your can purchase here

Make for you and your family

  • Makes a nice personalised handcrafted gift.
  • Give the actual kit as a gift for the recipients to make their own.
  • Stock your craft stall or start your own business.

Our liquid soaps are gentle on the skin and kind to the environment. Register online to place your order.